One comment on “2016 NFL Wild Card Predictions

  1. Wild Card- Texans, Steelers, Seahawks, Packers

    Divisional- Pats, Chiefs, Falcons, Packers

    Conf. Champ- Chiefs over Pats, Packers over Falcons

    Super Bowl- Chiefs over Packers (MVP- Travis Kelce)

    500+ point teams run into trouble at some point in the playoffs, whether they can score big or not and the Falcons in the Ryan era have lost TWO home playoff games. With their leaky defense, I just can’t see them getting out of the NFC. In the AFC, NE is the obvious choice, but I love KC’s balance across the board (13th in offensive DVOA, 14th in defensive DVOA, 2nd in special teams DVOA), very similar to the 2012 Ravens, not top 10 in offense/defense but top 10 overall in team efficiency.

    They also gave NE a good game last year in NE during the playoffs. If they score touchdowns in the red zone rather than field goals (settled for two FGs in red zone last year) and don’t turn the ball over (Knile Davis committed a big one in NE territory in 3rd quarter with the Pats up 14-6, the Pats turned that into turnover into 7 points), they will beat NE.

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