6 comments on “2016 NFL Predictions

  1. I just don’t see NE doing too good this year. They will be 10-6 and will go no further than the AFC Divisional Round.

  2. Interesting read, Scott and my best wishes on your recovery. Perhaps the health scare will bring you to devote yourself to yoga, leafy greens and running half marathons.
    As far as the Patriots go, the suspension is concerning for their record but I see their defense at its best since the back-to-back superbowls and the offense, on a record pace before the injuries bit, is better, while the O-Line can’t be worse. Many of the FO guys intimated a Brady decline but that seems like a lazy response. QB’s may indeed decline quickly but unlike Manning, he hasn’t had 500 surgeries on his neck and he was playing like the MVP last year behind a trash line and getting rid of the ball at an insane speed before the aforementioned injuries. If Garappolo can go 2-2 than I’m very optimistic about their season.

  3. “How are the Lions going to win two more games without Calvin Johnson?”

    Sorta feels like 1999 all over again when Barry Sanders retired off a 5-11 season in 1998, then the Lions surprised everybody by starting 8-4 without him before losing four straight games and backing into the playoffs.

    But for all the talk about Calvin, I just didn’t see him elevate his offenses the way a guy with his talent should’ve, even if he only played receiver. In his last five years the Lions ranked top 10 in offensive DVOA twice and ranked top 10 pass offense DVOA just twice while the team ranked top 10 in points scored just once (2011). So really, what exactly are they missing?

  4. “The defense has added a bunch of veterans like Paul Kruger, Nick Fairley, James Laurinaitis and Dannell Ellerbe, so you will see some change.”
    Dannel Ellerbe was on the Saints last year. 4-2 when he played. 3-1 when he started. 3-7 otherwise.
    Doesn’t look to play Sunday. Same old, same old.

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