2 comments on “NFL Conference Championship Predictions

  1. New England 27-13, I just don’t see Denver scoring enough touchdowns to keep pace and once NE does score a little bit after a slow start in the first quarter – game over. FWIW, I’ve long been a Peyton critic, but I have to say I’ve been fascinated by watching him these last two games against the Chargers/Steelers, not having the physical tools to dominate defenses anymore, but still having the mind to control the game and regardless of the outcome today or even if they get to the SB and lose to the NFC winner, he can walk away after this season with his head held high and not worry about the 9 TD’s/17 int’s like everybody else.

    As for the NFC title game, I’ll take Carolina 24-20. Keep ripping Newton for being inefficient, he’s been making the throws when it matters most, he’ll also help out in the run game too and Carson Palmer at his core is still a mistake prone QB despite all this hype about how Bruce Arians has changed him, he’ll turn it over twice in this game.

  2. The Pats/Broncos game went about how I thought it would with NE getting off to a slow start, but what I didn’t see coming was after the short field TD by NE that cut the lead to 7-6, for Brady to give Denver a short field with his INT to Miller. Take that away, Denver scored 13 points, as I said they would, which gave them the necessary 2nd TD early and kept the “scoreboard pressure” on the Pats bpey putting themselves up 14-6.

    Denver’s defense is phenominal, we all understand that, but Britton Colquitt did a nice job pinning them deep throughout the game and helped create long fields for Brady to navigate, which he couldn’t yesterday.

    As for Carson Palmer, as I said, he’s still a mistake prone QB and I was proven right – six times right instead of two though. The “real MVP” huh? Please.

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