2 comments on “NFL Week 5 Predictions: About That Colts-Seahawks Super Bowl 50…

  1. Teams get suduced with older star players and in the Colts case, it definitely appears to be that way with Gore/Johnson. Being the Randy Moss fan that I am, it reminds me of the 2010 Vikings trying to make a Super Bowl push with a 40 year old quarterback (Favre) and a 32 year old receiver (Moss) who started to show signs of declining late in the season for a third straight year while trying to convince both guys that Brad Childress had a clue as to what the hell he was doing. Just poor management on Indy’s part.

    As for Seattle, just when you start to trust Andy Dalton, he plays like, well……Andy Dalton. I like Seattle in this spot despite their O-Line struggles, no Marshawn and the continuing shrinking of former All-Pro TE Jimmy Graham, who I maintain isn’t a fit in Seattle. Seattle over Cincy 23-13, Dalton throws at least 2 INT’s.

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