7 comments on “Super Bowl XLIX Preview

  1. Ever since the NFL leaked the deflated balls story, I figured
    a) there was nothing to it (it didn’t make sense to cheat against a team that they regularly throttled)
    b) the league wouldn’t admit they made a mistake
    c) the league wouldn’t let the Pats win the Super Bowl.

    Pats fans feel that the famous “Helmet Catch” came on a play where at least two offensive linemen were held, and Richard Seymour was literally grabbed from behind and pulled away from making a sack. The league wasn’t going to let the Spygate Pats win a Super Bowl.

    I don’t expect any favors tomorrow, either. Don’t expect to see any holding or PI calls on Seattle.

  2. Missed offensive holding calls in the playoffs? Why, I never! I was so shocked at the idea that my monocle just fell out into my tea.

    The conspiracy theory stuff is weak sauce. The “I’m not saying, I’m just saying” format doesn’t actually change what you’re saying. You just wrote an article claiming that refs will bend the rules to help one side of a Super Bowl matchup. Congratulations, that goes on your resume forever.

    I expect that kind of thing from Pats homers. That’s just the guy who starts complaining about his bad back before a round of golf he expects to lose. It’s disappointing to see it from somebody who aspires to be an objective analyst.

  3. You say body of work should determine a players level of greatness, yet crush Brady for Super Bowl wins over Jake Delhomme and Donovan McNabb and bemoan the opportunity he had to win a couple Super Bowls 14-10 and 17-15? Really? I thought the whole point of this exercise is to WIN. THE. GAME.

    And if you want to point to stats, Brady’s fine. 2 NFL MVP’s and 3 Super Bowl MVP’s, plus he ranks 5th all-time in the regular season in completions, passing yards, passing touchdowns and QB rating, what else do you want?

  4. That first non call you cite was correctly called. The DB is going for the ball, body contact is okay when going for the ball. If his right arm was not held back, it would be a PI. If the jerseys were reversed, you would cite it as a great defense by a WR to prevent an INT. As the the second one, all you can tell from the picture is that the ball is already moving and a knee and hand have crossed the line. Do you have a photo from before the ball is moving?

    If offense balance is going to win the game, then why do you favor the Patriots? They have a weaker rush attack going against a stronger rush defense? I agree with most that this will be an extremely close game. Abig play or two will make all the difference in this game, most likely a fumble or an INT, no idea who it will be. Patriots don’t move the ball as easily as Seattle, but they are much more efficient scoring. No matter what, it should be a nail biter.

    I also agree that the NFL wants Seattle to win. If it translates into anything, then we might see fewer secondary penalties called and more illegal formations and substitutions.

  5. Wow, I didn’t even notice I put 3 Super Bowl MVP’s for Brady before the game even started, but Brady bailed me out. 4 rings, 6 SB app. and 3 SB MVP’s (officially). Of QB’s who’ve played their entire career In the SB era, I wouldn’t put him #1, that honor goes to Joe Montana for me still, but he’s the clear cut #2 QB in the SB era.

  6. Brady & Montana surely stake the strongest claim for best QB who played their entire career in the Super Bowl era. If you extend it before the SB era, Bart Starr is the all-time clutch assassin QB (5 rings, one for each finger on his throwing hand, including 2 Super Bowl victories). You could put those 3 in a hat for greatest ever QB (if by “greatest” you mean “the guy you want behind your center in The Big Game”) & whoever you pulled out would be the right answer.

    Those 3 men own 13 championship rings btw them. Mind-boggling…

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