5 comments on “Super Bowl XLVIII Predictions: Peyton Manning’s Legacy vs. NFL’s Next Great Team

  1. Re: “targets on a guy like Maxwell” — Kaepernick got those. Maxwell played some great defense (see the punchout on Boldin), as he’s done all year to rack up a 47.1 QB rating against and 4 picks in his 6 games as a starter. Peyton will get his, but it’s not like the Seattle DBs after Sherman are a bunch of crap.

    It also seems like you should pick whether you want to use the playoffs–Denver’s resurgent defense–or the regular season–Lynch is overrated–when you’re projecting game results. Even if you want to limit your analysis to the playoffs, are you confident the Bronco’s run defense is better than San Francisco’s?

    Personally I think Wilson-to-Harvin is going to be striking fear into the hearts of NFC West opponents for years to come. I hope that starts tomorrow night.

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