15 comments on “NFL Conference Championship Predictions: “Manning Is Better than Brady, But So What?” Edition

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  7. This should be gospel. And, the Brady luck fest continued this postseason:

    1. The last two times that Manning was hurt, Brady made the Super Bowl.
    2. Flacco and the Ravens had no right to throw that pass into the end zone.
    3. Pete Carroll and Darrell Bevell: WHAT WERE YOU THINKING!!!

    I can’t believe that people think he is GOAT. On Football’s Future (I don’t know if you have heard of it), there is a “Brady GOAT Now” thread, and a lot of people actually believe that he is just because he lucked into another SB ring.

  8. I just want to say that this is a great article. It’s a little outdated but this is a big enough sample to where it’s still very clear who the better Quarterback is. It’s just unfortunate that so much emphasis gets put on ringz otherwise everyone would consider Peyton the better player, which he is.

    The whole “Brady is GOAT” has to be prisoner of the moment. There is no good argument that he’s better than Peyton and Montana (the real postseason GOAT). I’m open to people thinking he’s better than anyone else but not those two.

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