2 comments on “The Whistleblower No. 4 – Mike Mayock, the 1979 Pittsburgh Steelers and the Worst Example Ever

  1. I hate Mike Mayock and think he’s terrible as a color commentator (knowing where everyone was taken in the draft doesn’t make you knowledgeable about football…), but his example of the ’79 Steelers makes perfect sense. He was saying that even if the Chiefs were among the best in the NFL at overcoming a lot of turnovers (as you have stated that the ’79 Steelers were), they are committing simply too many turnovers to be successful. Obviously the Chiefs aren’t that, but if they WERE, they’d still be losing.

    • But if they were like the 79 Steelers, they would be able to win games despite the turnovers, because that’s what the 79 Steelers did. A lot of winning. He said you can’t win games with all these turnovers, which is obviously true for most teams, but the 79 Steelers are the last example you would want to use.

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