2 comments on “NFL: Elite QB 4th Quarter Comeback Records

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  2. I’ve long said Rodgers is the most overrated player in football, given all his hype. Go back to Green Bay’s playoff run the year they won the Bowl, and you’ll see — other than the ridiculous Atlanta game — Rodgers disappeared in the second half of each game. If not for the Bears having to insert their scrub QB into the game, they likely win the NFC Championship, as it was Green Bay’s DEFENSE that scored to bail them out. Likewise, it was Rodgers’s third-quarter fade against the Steelers that allowed them nearly to come back after — yep, once again — Green Bay’s DEFENSE had done a good part of the scoring in the first half of the Super Bowl. The figures you quoted don’t like, which is why Roethlisberger is the elite QB of the bunch.

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